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Company Overview


At CP&P jacking pipe is not just what we do…. it’s ALL we do.

CP&P specialises in the design and manufacture of precast concrete jacking pipe. For over 20 years, our focus has been entirely on the design and ultra-efficient manufacture of jacking pipe. Unlike many precast concrete companies that venture into the making of pipe and jacking pipe, CP&P have always focused on Jacking Pipe and have never strayed into the manufacture of any other types of pipe or other precast concrete products. Our specialty is our strength – With 24 years of focused experience making Jacking Pipe, it would be very hard to find a company that has greater know how or capability. For more than a decade, CP&P has been an Australian Jacking Pipe powerhouse.

Supplying hallmark projects like the Sydney Desalination project – 6,200m of DN2100, Hallam Valley Sewer for Melbourne Water – 10,000m of DN1500, DN1200 and DN900 and most recently, Green Square Trunk Stormwater 4,000m of DN1800. CP&P Australia has become Australia’s go-to company for major jacking pipe projects. CP&P Australia is Australia’s fastest growing pipe company. Located in Somersby NSW, we support projects anywhere in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Having successfully supplied many of Australia’s largest microtunneling projects, we understand what is needed to support your project, answer tough questions, fix problems and make your pipe jacking project a success.

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Our reinforced concrete jacking pipes are produced in a modern facility using a Variant (a large diameter vertical vibration pipe making machine). The Variant was engineered in Germany using the latest in German technology for the vertical vibration casting of reinforced concrete jacking pipes. This pipe making machine works “underground” vibrations for compacting concrete and is generated by a central vibrator that is connected to the core via a hydraulic clamping device. It is controlled by a Siemens memory programmable electronic control system, which is partially sequence automated.

There are a number of key and special characteristic qualities that differentiate the “Variant” from other reinforced concrete jacking pipe machines;


Powerful and reliable central vibrator.


Fast mould changes due to hydraulic clamping technology.


Highly versatile product range.


Highly compacted quality pipes regardless of product size.

Easy Handling and High Reliability.